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Liberty Depot LLC is a NFA Title 2 (Class 3) Dealer that can supply you with almost any brand Firearm, Suppressor or accessory you are interested in. We offer online sales of Firearms , Ammunition, Accessories, Long Term Storage Food & Survival Products as well as conduct person to person sales & transfers by appointment only. Our Dealer & Wholesaler network continues to grow constantly which enables us to better serve our customers. As you visit manufacturers sites & find something you want or if you are already interested in a particulate firearm or accessory, send us a message or call Dave & we will be happy to get you a very competitive quote. New & used inventory will be posted as it arrives.

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Authorized FFL Dealer


SilencerCo’s SPEQ program is our way of saying thanks to our men and women in uniform. Short for Service Proven Equipment, the SPEQ program offers a substantial discount on SilencerCo products to current and retired military, law enforcement, and first responders. Through our brand new SPEQ Direct program, that works directly with dealers, we are showing our appreciation for the silent heroes and helping them to #FightTheNoise.

Wise Company specializes in long-term food storage and dehydrated food, healthy real food that’s prepared in only a matter of minutes by adding a little water. Our line of freeze-dried and dehydrated entrees are both ready-made, affordable are perfect for both emergency preparedness & long-term storage. Wise provides affordable, delicious and high-quality dishes that are healthy and designed to last. From freeze-dried veggies and meats to gluten-free entrees, Wise offers a range of dependable, easy-to-make healthy food items that will help your family prepare & plan for nearly any possible emergency event. In addition to quality-prepared foods, Wise also carries an extensive line of emergency survival goods, from fuel sources to portable water filtration systems which are perfect for do-it-yourself emergency kits.

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Stag Arms aims to provide all shooters with a superior quality rifle at competitive price points, while driving home lifetime value with the Lifetime Transferable Warranty and Infinite Shot Barrel Guarantee. The creation of innovative products that are accessible to all shooters is the main target .Each and every part that is assembled into Stag rifles are 100% American made, which is why we remain confident that we are producing a quality product. Stag Arms’ goal remains the same; to make sure there is no weak side for our customers, and continuing to be a top tier firearms producer.

Liberty Depot LLC is a Silencer Shop “Powered By Silencer Shop” Dealer which makes the selecting, buying & registration process for a new Suppressor about as is easy as it can get. To get started, click on the Silencer Shop logo and that will bring you to the Silencer Shop website with Liberty Depot LLC as your selected dealer. Next, select the Suppressor you would like and then once your purchase has been finalized it will be delivered to us and we will then complete the transfer for you with no extra Transfer Fee’s!

My Medic provides first aid kits and medical supplies.

*PLEASE NOTE*, prices onthe links page are manufacturer suggested retail prices. Please contact Liberty Depot LLC for your price.